Study Finds Tablets Owners Consume and Subscribe to More Content

Sep 27, 2011

Tablet owners are more willing to pay for online content, according to a study by FTI Consulting, Inc., an advisory firm that helps organizations enhance enterprise value. The study, titled "The Effect of Tablets on U.S. Content Consumption," illustrates digital media consumption habits of tablet owners versus smartphone, laptop, or desktop owners.

Among all survey respondents, 74% read news online, but only 21% paid for online news access; however, 53% of tablet owners said they would be willing to pay for a news subscription, especially if additional features were offered, such as a print/digital bundle. More than half of all respondents said they would pay for music if it could be shared easily across devices.

The survey concluded that customers who consume and pay for content may be inclined to subscribe to more content via tablets. Of note to digital media companies is the finding that tablets are used primarily for media consumption and discovery of online video content rather than social media interactions and communication.