Steve Jobs E-Single Part of Hachette-Businessweek Partnership

Nov 29, 2011

Hachette Book Group and Bloomberg Businessweek are working together to produce e-singles from published Businessweek content, according to paidContent. The first ebook rolling out is Steve Jobs: 19552011, available now for $3.99 through various e-tailers, including Apple's iBookstore, Kingle, and Nook. The ebook's content is from Businessweek's Oct. 10 Jobs tribute issue.

The partnership between Hachette and Businessweek is one of few when it comes to repurposing media content into ebooks. Random House, Inc. is working with RealClearPolitics and Politico to publish ebooks with original content about the 2012 election. However, media outlets like Guardian News and Media Ltd. and Hearst Communications, Inc. have produced ebooks on their own; several book publishers, too, are releasing e-singles directly.

To learn more about e-singles and their role in digital publishing, check out EContent's story from last week.