Stellent Releases Enhanced Version of Outside In Technology

Oct 06, 2006

Stellent, Inc.'s Content Components group, a provider of component technologies used to access, transform, and control unstructured data, has released an enhanced version of Stellent Outside In Technology, including the introduction of the Outside In Clean Content software development kit (SDK).

Specifically, the new version of Outside In Technology is designed to allow software developers to build applications on 64-bit operating systems, and enhance their ability to access and manipulate complex file formats and structures commonly searched during the litigation and forensics process. These formats include Microsoft Outlook PST files, embedded files and images, spreadsheet row and column content, and field content in PDF forms.

The Outside In Technology suite also now includes the Stellent Clean Content SDK, which addresses the rising challenge of hidden data within documents that can create security and policy risks. The Clean Content SDK identifies and cleanses or strips files of sensitive, confidential, or proprietary metadata and hidden information that may pose risks to organizations if exposed.