StayinFront Mobile and StayinFront Companion offer CRM

Aug 16, 2005

StayinFront, Inc., a global provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools, data services, and eBusiness systems, has announced its latest portable handheld sales automation products, StayinFront Mobile, version 9.2 and StayinFront Companion, version 9.2. Both applications operate on Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices running on Microsoft Windows Mobile* 5.0 and are designed to deliver handheld CRM functionality in an application with enterprise scalability.

StayinFront Mobile is a fully featured handheld CRM application designed to allow users to operate remotely and synchronize data directly through the Internet from their Windows PDA. Organizations can utilize StayinFront Mobile to deliver critical information such as sales data, inventory, and customer service data to field users at the point of sale. StayinFront Companion augments StayinFront CRM 9.2 desktop or laptop-based solutions. Users can select segments of information from their StayinFront CRM 9.2 application and download to their PDAs. StayinFront Companion provides all mission critical information that is required at the point of sale.