State of Washington Chooses ISYS:web

Jul 25, 2003

ISYS/Odyssey Development Inc., a supplier of search software for business and government, has announced that the State of Washington has selected ISYS:web as the search engine for its Regulatory Assistance Web site.

The State will implement ISYS for its Office of Regulatory Assistance, using ISYS:web's spidering capabilities to gather various permit and regulatory information from a number of state, local, and federal agencies' sites. This information will range from building permits to EPA data. The State's use of ISYS is designed to provide its customers with a single resource for obtaining permit and regulatory information.

The State of Washington expects to go live with ISYS:web in the coming months giving visitors access to relevant permit and regulatory information. ISYS:web is a sixth-generation information retrieval solution that offers users an Internet-native interface for indexing and searching across 30 different languages and 125 file formats, including HTML, PDF, Flash, XML, WordPerfect, databases, and more.