Stampede Technologies Announces WebRider Release 1.1

May 03, 2005

Stampede Technologies, Inc., a provider of acceleration solutions, has announced WebRider Enterprise Application Acceleration System 1.1, the next evolution in its series of Web performance acceleration solutions. Available now, this latest release of the WebRider acceleration solution incorporates technology that now accelerates Layer 5 protocols and adds additional configurability and usability options.

WebRider maximizes the acceleration of Web-based enterprise applications through a combination of a hardware appliance and client-side software. This two-sided solution is intended to solve bandwidth and latency issues, especially those in a VSAT or wireless environment. In addition, client software is required for supporting devices such as phones and PDAs.

With release 1.1, WebRider's Layer 5 support accelerates those non-HTTP applications that are in use throughout the enterprise. Applications such as POP3/SMTP email, FTP, and custom client-server implementations can now fully use WebRider's caching, bi-directional compression, and TurboStreaming, a technology that is designed to improve response time for moving large data objects. WebRider employs performance-enhancing technologies such as: TurboStreaming, intelligent SSL termination, intelligent cache validation, intelligent image transformation, content-aware streaming, and adaptive compression. WebRider also tracks bandwidth and throughput savings so that companies can quantify its value with the reports that are generated.

WebRider is available as a software-only solution, and as a full solution with the software pre-installed on a certified hardware platform (IBM 326). Price quotes based on license and configuration choices are available from Stampede Technologies. Pricing for an entry-level server configuration starts at $35,000, and the Advanced WebRider Client (Layer 5 and HTTP/HTTPS support) starts at $49 per client. Client software supporting only HTTP/HTTPS is available starting at $35 per client.