Spymac Announces Photo and Video Community with Free Storage

Jun 16, 2006

Spymac, a Macintosh community with over 1 million members, has announced Spymac Galleries, a photo and video community that lets users post photos, movies, and music online for free and then discuss photos, music, videos, gossip, news, etc. online with friends and other Spymac members.

Available for Mac and Windows, Spymac Galleries let users upload for free multimedia files of up to 3GB using new "Spymac Disk" technology for drag-n-drop. An additional 9GB of online storage space and other services are also available to Spymac Club members for an annual fee of $25. Users can share or embed their photos and videos in their own or other's blogs, auctions, and web pages. Files can be made public or viewable only to friends and colleagues. Spymac visitors can comment, rate, and be polled on new multimedia creations.

Using new Spymac Disk technology with advanced AJAX and WebDAV features, photo and video galleries can be designed by dragging and dropping files. Spymac Disk allows users to drag files from the computer to the Spymac servers, where they can be displayed and viewed. Spymac Disk shows up on the desktop as a drive (just as an iPod or other storage device would), and managing files is dragging and dropping photos, music, and video from the drive where they are located to the Spymac Disk drive. Spymac Galleries are available immediately.