SpringerLink Gets a Relaunch and Redesign

Aug 26, 2010

Springer relaunched its SpringerLink service with a redesigned site based on the results of a usability study conducted by the company. The site now features a variety of additional functionalities, including semantic linking, connections across ebooks and journals, and a PDF Preview feature that lets users look inside ebooks to determine if the content is what they're looking for.

The redesigned site takes advantage of integrated software that helps locate links to related content within journal articles and ebook chapters by analyzing user searches and discovering other, closely related material. Other updates to the site include a revised subject hierarchy, the ability to search by citation, and greater integration of online journals, ebooks, and other electronic reference information into the platform.

SpringerLink is an online information service that provides access to more than 2,250 scientific and specialist journals, along with nearly 40,000 ebooks, 1,100 book series, and 170 reference works. The service includes information a wide range of fields, including mathematics, computer science, engineering, medicine, and law.