SparkPost Introduces New Recipient Validation Capabilities for Improved Email Deliverability

Aug 29, 2019


SparkPost, an email delivery and analytics service, announced the next generation of its SparkPost Recipient Validation service, its email validation solution that uses sending data from its footprint of trillions of emails. SparkPost Recipient Validation achieves the industry’s best sender reputation protection by leveraging the world’s largest email data footprint, derived from SparkPost’s delivery of 37% of all B2C and B2B email. By leveraging its massive dataset, SparkPost can eliminate over 31% of the harmful bounces that go undetected by other recipient validation providers, before they impact email deliverability.

SparkPost Recipient Validation solves a major problem facing marketing and email managers of sending to too many “bad” email addresses that cause ISPs to reduce their visibility in inboxes and potentially mark the email as spam. 

New with this release, SparkPost has enhanced its Recipient Validation with additional data, doubling the number of bad addresses it can detect. Using historical bounce data from SparkPost’s footprint of trillions of emails, it automatically identifies bad addresses based on the sending behavior of other customers, so Recipient Validation customers can filter bad emails before they are sent to protect their reputation with ISPs and improve overall deliverability.

SparkPost’s email data footprint is the key to making its Recipient Validation more effective than competitive offerings, which have fewer data and often rely on a technique known as SMTP ping to check addresses. This is akin to ringing the doorbell and running away — and ISPs hate it. 

Also, the SMTP ping approach is too slow for use cases like signup flows where customers are kept waiting for the validation response. Using SparkPost data, customers achieve better deliverability results without SMTP ping and can return results in under 30 milliseconds. SparkPost’s latest offering also includes new typo detection capabilities that identify common mistakes users make while typing their email address into signup forms, along with suggestions for the right address, plugging a top source of lead loss for customers.

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