South River Technologies Releases GroupDrive 3.0

Feb 08, 2005

South River Technologies has announced the release of version 3.0 of their GroupDrive File Collaboration Suite. GroupDrive is designed to give users a simple solution to collaborate on files securely over the Internet. Documents are stored in a central location, so that users have the most current version and manual integrating of edits from multiple content contributors is eliminated. The new version adds QuickLinks which is intended to offer an efficient alternative to emailing file attachments. QuickLinks are shortcuts to files or folders with the ability to grant read or write permissions to a file, set an expiration date to a link, or limit the number of accesses. Certificate support is another new feature of GroupDrive. Certificates allow the host server to verify the integrity of the accessing party, protecting the server from unauthorized users. This can be used in addition to the secure transmission capability already supported over SSL. GroupDrive has expanded its interface by adding multiple browser support. In addition to supporting Internet Explorer 5.5, GroupDrive now supports the Firefox and Netscape browsers on the Windows, MAC, and Linux platforms.