Sony Reader Daily Edition Hits Shelves

Nov 11, 2010

Sony announced that its wireless Reader Daily Edition is now available in select retail outlets and online at The new Reader Daily Edition can take advantage of both wi-fi in addition to AT&T's 3G network and will give users the ability to browse, purchase, and download books, as well as select newspapers and magazines. The Reader Daily Edition also features optical touch screen technology, which improves reading clarity.

The Reader Daily Edition also provides basic web browsing functionality for sites such as,,,,, and New features on the Daily Edition include intuitive content zoom, adjustable contrast and brightness control, and automatic multiple page creation to make documents designed for a standard sheet of paper easier to read. An additional collections functionality allows users to group their favorite reads by author, category or other criteria.

The Reader Daily Edition includes 2 GB of memory and expansion slots for additional memory (up to 32 GB). It is available in silver and currently retails for about $299.