Sonic Foundry Continues Line of Mediasite Recorders

Jun 14, 2005

Sonic Foundry Inc., a provider of automated media solutions, has announced the release of the Mediasite 440 Series of Media Recorders. The Mediasite line includes a newly designed mobile Mediasite ML440 Recorder, the rack-mountable Mediasite RL440 Recorder, and the Mediasite VL440 videoconferencing recorder.

Whether capturing multimedia presentations, meetings, or videoconferences, each Mediasite Media Recorder can be optimized for distinct applications, giving organizations and system integrators flexibility to build the types of media communication environments that fit their needs. Mediasite Media Recorders are designed to integrate with existing AV, presentation, and videoconferencing technologies to expand any organization's media communication possibilities. In addition, Sonic Foundry added a number of capabilities, including the ability to edit content captured with Mediasite, automation and browser support for playback.

Media content is published without time-consuming, complex and expensive authoring or post-production processes. With the Mediasite LX Media Server, any Mediasite 440 Recorder can be expanded into a media communications platform to reduce the time and resource costs associated with managing and distributing media content across the organization. The Mediasite LX Server is designed to add interactive live broadcasting and Web publishing for on-demand viewing. System administrators can benefit from Mediasite LX Server's suite of centralized management tools, which may allow them to secure content access, monitor and report on system usage, and customize Mediasite presenter and viewer experiences. The Mediasite LX Server platform is intended to ensure a scalable infrastructure capable of expanding to accommodate enterprises' growing media content volumes.

Mediasite is designed to enable enterprise customers to enhance their education and communications programs by extending reach, improving efficiencies and increasing frequency for more effective enterprise communications, Web-based education, online training, product marketing, and related applications:

  • The Mediasite VL440 is designed to enable users to record, share and reuse any visual and audio content from a videoconference with live or on-demand browser-based access. This addition to the Mediasite media communications platform, the real-time recorder is designed to extend Sonic Foundry's solutions into videoconferencing applications. Optimized for tight integration with the Mediasite platform and leading videoconference solutions from Polycom and Tandberg, Mediasite VL440 continues to expand the award-winning Mediasite line to provide unmatched ease-of-use in the capture, management and delivery of multimedia meetings, presentations and conferences.
  • The Mediasite ML440 is a version of the Media Recorder used to capture and publish multi-source media content. The compact Mediasite ML440 features a built-in 17 inch LCD screen, new design and complete set of analog and digital interfaces that allow for setup in less than 10 minutes. Like all Mediasite solutions, this mobile recorder captures, encodes, synchronizes and indexes audio and video with visual content without any pre- or post-production.
  • The Mediasite RL440 rack mountable recorder enhances and simplifies integration into AV-ready facilities, such as presentation rooms, briefing centers and lecture halls. Mediasite RL440 supports the Mediasite Control Interface Protocol  for programmable control with leading AV automation systems. Presenters can conveniently access and control the Mediasite RL440 from Crestron or AMX touch panels.