Solodev Launches New Enterprise Container Content Management System for Docker on Amazon Web Services

Nov 29, 2018

Solodev, a website content management system (CMS) built for Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced the launch of its new Solodev CMS Enterprise for Docker and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). The availability of this product comes on the heels of AWS’s introduction of the brand new AWS Marketplace for Containers. 

AWS customers can now use the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) console and AWS Marketplace for Containers to discover, produce, and deploy container solutions – including Solodev CMS Enterprise for Docker. With today’s release, AWS Marketplace has extended its existing benefits and features to container products, with a discovery and search experience offering access to a curated catalog of trusted software from reputable vendors. From day one, AWS customers can quickly find and deploy Solodev CMS Enterprise for Docker through AWS Marketplace for Containers.

Solodev says its new container product changes the way CMS is purchased and provisioned, allowing individuals and organizations to deploy, manage, and scale enterprise-grade websites and applications faster than ever. Solodev containers can be easily set up and launched through AWS Marketplace for Containers for as little as $1 per hour per container with no long-term contracts. Built from the ground up for AWS, Solodev is a trusted platform for creating advanced websites and digital experiences in the cloud with proven security, scalability, and redundancy. Now with containers, Solodev users can build custom applications and deploy continuously – leveraging a complete set of container-ready technologies including Apache, Mongo, PHP, Redis, SQL, and more.

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