SoftInform Releases SearchInform 1.7

Dec 16, 2005

The SoftInform Company has announced the release of a new version of its full text information search system SearchInform 1.7 and a price reduction for SearchInform Desktop Standard 1.7 by almost one half. The modifications in the program have been mostly concerned with enhancing the functionality and expanding the list of supported file formats.

The list of new file formats available for indexing and search includes WRI, MHT, SHTML, LEX, ASC and several specialized "programming" formats (Basic, Pascal, etc.). Search by file attributes is also supported by SearchInform. This is designed to facilitate the search process and equips users with additional possibilities. As regards enhancements in the functionality, starting with version 1.7 SearchInform supports PDF files preview, as well as preview of virtually all known programming files in "their own" format. The new release of SearchInform 1.7 sports automatic preview of the first document in the search results list and jumping to the first "highlighted" key word (the first word inclusion) in the current document preview window. One of the major modifications in the program touched the registration process. In SearchInform 1.7 in contrast to the previous versions where registration was an on-line process from beginning to end, SoftInform implemented authorization by means of email. The standard version of SearchInform Desktop will cost $29.95.