Smartling and Contentful Partner to Deliver Built-in Translation Integration

Feb 28, 2018

Smartling, a translation technology provider, announces its release of the first ever translation management integration for Contentful. Developed with Contentful, a content infrastructure company, Smartling’s Connector provides easy localization for content that is powering applications, websites, and other digital experiences.

Contentful centralizes content management across business units, teams, and channels--including modern websites and mobile applications --so that content can quickly be created and delivered wherever and whenever customers are. Similarly, Smartling centralizes content for translation so it can be translated and delivered to all the places the translated content needs to be published.

Using Smartling’s Connector, Contentful users can choose the content to submit for translation, and manage the content across multiple languages without delays or manual effort. The connector joins these two cutting-edge systems so that content is built, translated, and delivered in a streamlined fashion. Using the Smartling translation solution, which provides a pre-built integration into an API-driven content platform, businesses gain greater development flexibility, scalability, and a “future-proof” localization approach.