Slack and Gmail Now Integrated with Digitile

Sep 27, 2018

To enhance the lives of professionals who use cloud-based business software platforms, Digitile has integrated Slack and Gmail functionality into its cross-platform search hub, joining Google Drive, GSuite, Dropbox, and OneDrive. With Digitile, teams no longer need to switch applications, remember passwords, or search through various messaging threads to find files. The shared documents are organized in one place for a 360-degree view of files scattered across disparate cloud applications. Using Digitile’s AI-powered search engine, natural language processing, keywords and unique visual experience, file sharing and version management is faster and easier, saving precious time and increasing productivity.  

Digitile allows users to find the right file in seconds with its AI-powered search engine and automated tag generation feature, eliminating manual tagging. Searching for work files becomes as natural as using Google because keywords in the documents are identified automatically. For additional organization, user-generated tags can be added in bulk for multiple files that can be accessed by any team or used for a specific project. Digitile also takes a visual approach to organization. Rather than needing to remember a specific file-name, which is necessary for easy searching on Slack or Gmail, Digitile displays files as large tile-like thumbnails for quick identification.

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