SkillSoft Unveils Best Practices for Integrating Learning into Enterprise Portals

Mar 28, 2008

SkillSoft PLC, a SaaS provider of e-learning and performance support solutions for global enterprises, government, education, and small to medium-sized businesses, has released an in-depth case study detailing how IBM Corporation was able to achieve a more interactive, user-focused experience to help organizations overcome the challenges of "siloed" training practices. This case study focuses on best practices for integrating learning into enterprise portals. Key tips in this detailed report include: Learning should be delivered to the employee at the exact moment of need within the context of the work task; The quality of search can be improved by leveraging profile data that describes the individual and context of their search; Content can be automatically updated within a learning portal using internet syndication technologies and RSS feeds; Removing financial barriers for departments is a key enabler for making learning a “utility” for an organization; and Simple workflow guides are needed to govern which users can recommend content for learning searches, reducing redundancy and errors.