Sitecore Introduces Experience Commerce 9

Jan 16, 2018

Sitecore, a provider of experience management software, announced Sitecore Experience Commerce 9. The company says the latest version of Sitecore’s commerce solution is the only cloud-enabled platform that natively integrates content and commerce so brands can fully personalize and individualize the end-to-end shopping experience before, during, and after the transaction. 

As an extensible platform built on the latest ASP.NET Core 2.0 technology, Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 delivers business opportunities for Sitecore partners and developers, who can extend functionality, build their own plug-ins, or leverage third-party plug-ins for added customer benefit. Other notable features, according to Sitecore, include:

  • Faster time to market: Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) Storefront includes 40+ commerce-specific components that can be dragged and dropped onto a page. This allows brands to speed development and deployment of e-commerce storefronts through either Microsoft Azure PaaS or on-premises installations.
  • Inventory management: Includes support for online-to-offline commerce via allocations; ability to manage multi-store, multi-warehouse, and multi-site inventories; track shipments; support multiple currencies, and notify users of expiring or sufficient inventory thresholds.
  • Catalog management: Incorporates a user-friendly catalog experience that encompasses new features such as a global product list and a new generalized default schema.
  • New migration tools: Two new migration tools allow legacy Commerce Server users to import catalogs and customer profiles from any other source and automatically convert them for use in Sitecore Experience Commerce.
  • New user-generated content integration: the Stackla for Sitecore UGC Connector provides integration with Sitecore Experience Commerce, allowing brands to dynamically display user-generated content across web content, e-commerce sites, and beyond.
  • Flexible deployment and licensing options: Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 supports Azure PaaS, IaaS, or on-premise deployments and is available through subscription or perpetual licenses.
  • Secure and scalable deployment: Sitecore and technology service provider Rackspace have partnered to deliver commerce managed cloud services. Sitecore Experience Commerce customers can now benefit from Rackspace’s optimized, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure.