Sitecore Announces Sitecore 7

May 23, 2013


Sitecore, a provider of customer experience management software, announced the availability of Sitecore 7, the newest release of the company's unified software suite. Sitecore 7 offers a search-based architecture, allowing CMOs and digital marketers to deliver relevant and personalized digital experiences to audiences.

Sitecore 7 gives marketers the flexibility to work with content using traditional and search-based methods. The search-based capabilities allow marketers to manage search facets, result boosting, and content tagging for delivering relevant results. Marketers can also observe and learn from customer swipe-and-search behaviors. Additionally, it scales to virtually unlimited content volumes, enabling marketers to fully leverage massive repositories of news or product info

Sitecore 7 is part of the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), a unified solution for delivering multichannel marketing. Sitecore CEP brings together content management, digital marketing, engagement automation and analytics, business processes, and external tools and databases.