SirsiDynix Announces URSA 4.1 Resource Sharing Software

Sep 23, 2008

SirsiDynix, a provider of technology solutions for libraries, announced the release of an enhanced resource sharing product, URSA 4.1. URSA, the Universal Resource Sharing Application, software solution works with any NCIP integrated library solution and can also be configured to work with solutions that do not choose to use the NCIP standard. URSA automates request placement, utilizes a Z39.50 search engine, de-duplicates search results, authenticates at the home library, and uses optional web-based fill-in request forms. The update offers a number of enhancements, including support for Java 1.6 and MS SQL 2005, expanded truncation for availability rules, expanded History tracking for troubleshooting, and a new display of requests within library systems.