Sirsi and Dynix Announce Merger

Jun 24, 2005

Sirsi Corporation and Dynix Corporation have announced that the two companies are merging to create SirsiDynix, a single company positioned to develop and deliver information technology solutions for libraries and consortia around the world.

The two companies will integrate their worldwide operations and representatives from both companies are working together to make decisions regarding all aspects of the company's future. Integration and strategic planning for the new company are expected to be completed in fourth quarter 2005. Decisions now made include adoption of a strategy to continue full development and support of the Unicorn and Horizon 8.x/Corinthian integrated library system platforms; appointment of Sirsi CEO Patrick C. Sommers as chief executive of the new company; and appointment of Dynix CEO Jack Blount as a consultant responsible for completing development of Horizon 8.x/Corinthian and as a member of the company's board of directors. Customers' day-to-day contacts with SirsiDynix sales, service, and support organizations remain unchanged.

SirsiDynix is designed to offer a suite of library technologies, including products like the Unicorn and Horizon 7.x Library Management Systems, as well as the Horizon 8.x/Corinthian platform (the next upgrade to Horizon 7.x) and a host of user interface/portal, content, data-analysis, and productivity solutions.

The company is now completing beta testing of Unicorn GL3.0 ahead of its general release in August 2005. Development of Unicorn GL3.1 is already underway. Beta testing of Horizon 8.x/Corinthian will begin in fall 2005, with general release scheduled for first quarter 2006. Horizon 8.x is the ILS solution for public, special, and school libraries; Corinthian is for academic and research libraries.

Users of SirsiDynix legacy systems--sites running Dynix, DRA Classic, and MultiLIS systems--will also continue to be supported, just as they were prior to the merger. The company plans to work with these customers to chart an upgrade path that works best for them, in terms of both technology and timing.

SirsiDynix intends to keep its customers up-to-date on the progress of the company's integration through customer-only Web sites, newsletters, Webinars, and other means. Customers will be encouraged to work with their SirsiDynix account managers to ask unique questions or to take advantage of a special online FAQ form that will be available on customer-only Web sites.

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