Silkroad Introduces InstantEngage CRM Solution

Feb 08, 2005

SilkRoad technology, inc., a provider of content management and collaboration software, has announced InstantEngage, a customer relationship management tool that is designed to help companies interact more efficiently with potential customers via a tailored chat function. InstantEngage enables businesses to track and analyze marketing campaigns with its Sales Analytics Tool and is designed to work in tandem with SilkRoad's AffiliateShop partner relationship management tool to give business owners a means of driving more traffic to their Web site.

InstantEngage enables an entirely Web-based engagement process through a collaboration and chat system. The solution is intended to provide businesses with an intelligent tool to engage with prospects proactively or passively, in a non-intrusive way. It presents customer service representatives with information about the visitors, including what page they are viewing in real-time, as well as what their click-through patterns were. InstantEngage also provides users with a chat function that is suited for ecommerce needs. Much like popular social chat clients, a customer chat notification comes up via the system tray, allowing customer service representatives to quickly respond to the request, which alleviates the need for constant monitoring.