SignetX and SealedMedia Partner to Offer Security Solution as Service

Feb 25, 2005

SignetX, Inc. has entered into a business and technology partnership with SealedMedia, a developer of document-level security solutions. The SignetX software-as-a-service business model is intended to allow individuals, departments, and enterprises to provide persistent protection to sensitive documents and intellectual property in the form of electronic files. SignetX manages the rights licenses on the customer's behalf without touching the actual documents. Features include fast Web provisioning; an online security center where subscribers can manage people, files, and rights; event-based online reporting; and 24x7 customer support.

The SignetX Executive Solution is based on SealedMedia rights management technology. SealedMedia software is designed to integrate with existing business systems to deliver complete protection of an organization's digital information. SealedMedia supports standard business file formats such as email (Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes), Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and HTML, in addition to image, audio, and video formats.