Siemens Introduces NXN alienbrain for Visualization Projects

Feb 14, 2003


NXN Software, a supplier of asset management systems for digital entertainment and computer graphics industries, has announced that the industrial visualization department at Siemens, a technology company, has used NXN alienbrain to manage their digital assets throughout the development cycle of their visualization projects. With NXN alienbrain the Siemens team stores, tracks, and manages all files needed to create virtual representations of factory outlets or other industrial sites. By visualizing these large-scale construction projects, the team facilitates detailed planning and helps to minimize inaccuracies once the actual job begins. With NXN alienbrain storing all versions of all files created on a central server, team members work in a secure, version-controlled environment. As tasks and files can be assigned to team members and users are prompted to add comments when they have modified a file, every change is documented in the system, allowing the project manager to track project progress at any time.