SiberLogic Introduces SiberSafe Value Bundle

Dec 01, 2006

SiberLogic, a provider of XML content technology, has introduced the SiberSafe Value Bundle. The SiberSafe Value Bundle is a selection of SiberSafe products designed for organizations with complex, evolving technical documentation, a mix of content authors and reviewers, and a restricted budget.

The SiberSafe Value Bundle is available until the end of 2006, and includes: five SiberSafe XML CMS licenses; two SiberSafe XML Reviewer licenses; unlimited SiberSafe XML Communicator licenses; and no-cost FrameMaker integration. Other features of the SiberSafe Value Bundle, include: concurrent user licensing, where all SiberSafe products are based on concurrent user licensing with no additional per-server or per-CPU fees; and database-neutral, where it supports any JDBC-compatible database, including Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, and Microsoft Access.