Sezmi Unveils "TV 2.0"

May 02, 2008

Sezmi Corporation (formerly known as Building B, Inc.) unveiled its "next generation" television offering. Sezmi also announced that it is commencing trials in pilot markets in preparation for commercial launch with broadband service providers and national retailers later this year. Sezmi delivers all television content, including broadcast and cable network programming, movies and Internet video, in one package.

Optimized for on-demand viewing, Sezmi is designed to give consumers the flexibility to watch what they want, when they want to. Sezmi’s primary user interface organizes content as program lists (e.g., My Top Picks, My Genres, My Channels) in an effort to simplify the browsing and discovery of television content. Sezmi provides a single and consistent interface across live, stored, on-demand and Internet video. Sezmi subscribers can share playlists with friends and family, contribute to community ratings of shows and benefit from community recommendations.

Sezmi has developed the FlexCast video distribution technology, which combines terrestrial digital broadcast television with existing broadband infrastructure to more cost effectively deliver video content. The system utilizes available capacity in existing digital television broadcast networks and creates a private, secure broadcast transmission for content. Sezmi has also developed an antenna indoor reception system. This network-attached reception system can be placed in any location in the home and requires no user adjustments.