SezWho Announces $1 Million in Series A Financing, Releases New Features

Nov 02, 2007

SezWho raised $1 million from KPG Ventures in its first round of funding. The company also announced a series of new features intended to enhance the online community experience and elevate conversations among participants. SezWho is a collaborative review and reputation service that works to inform and improve conversations across distributed social spaces. It supports blogs, forums, social networks, wikis, and any site that features user-generated content. Among the new community enhancing features, SezWho introduced two new widgets. The Red Carpet widget lets communities feature top-rated participants on a virtual red carpet. Each avatar links to individual profiles that provide a history of comments, associated articles or pages, and the overall ranking for each. The new SezWho badge lets contributors display their personal rating and expertise portfolio on their blogs or other sites to reinforce an earned reputation. Beyond tracking conversations and the value of individual contributions, the latest SezWho release also provides statistics for both contributors and site owners. Contributor statistics show who and how many people are rating and viewing a contributor's profile. Site statistics show how much additional traffic SezWho is driving and where that traffic is coming from.