Serials Solutions Launches New Service

Nov 20, 2007

Serials Solutions, a business unit of ProQuest Company, announced the launch of the 360 Counter eresource assessment service. 360 Counter is intended to help libraries evaluate the usage and cost of eresources to optimize the value of electronic collections. 360 Counter aggregates Project COUNTER usage reports, incorporates costs, calculates cost-per-click per title, and compares content providers. 360 Counter's reporting tools then enable users to custom-tailor cost and usage reports for in-depth analysis of eresources that facilitate better collection-development decisions. As with other Serials Solutions 360 services, 360 Counter is integrated with the Serials Solutions knowledgebase, which provides normalized journal titles and holdings data for accurate analysis. In addition, 360 Counter retrieves local eresource cost information from Serials Solutions 360 Resource Manager for cost-per-use reporting. Initial implementations of Serials Solutions 360 Counter will be available to users beginning on November 30.