Serials Solutions Announces Cost and Collection Management Features for 360 Resource Manager

May 29, 2007

Serials Solutions, a business unit of ProQuest CSA, has announced the launch of Cost and Collection Management features for Serials Solutions 360 Resource Manager. These new modules are the first step in a series of features being developed by Serials Solutions that will support eresource usage reporting and cost analysis. 360 Resource Manager provides librarians with a central interface to organize eresource licensing information, track vendor contacts, and manage the subscription lifecycle. Cost and Collections Management features are designed to help libraries optimize eresource management using one integrated solution. Collections are groups of resources organized by common metadata, which can be defined in a way that fits the structural needs of any library. They provide ways to group information and can be shared among library staff. Cost Management is designed to help libraries optimize eresources by supplying a central location to track cost information attached to resources or collections. This information, including invoicing, price caps, price models, consortia purchases, and more, can be administered at a granular level; up to four fund or budget codes can be associated with each item.