Sendandsee Extends mobiprint Product Range

Feb 15, 2005

Sendandsee LLC, publisher of mobile magazines and developer of mobiprint publisher, a mobile publishing toolkit, has introduced an extension to its Digital Media mobilization product line--mobiprint modular. Current modules include Credit Card-payment implementation, Mobile Video Services-interface development, Service Discovery Tool-development, Customer Service-functionality deployment, and Enterprise Use-functionality [includes Nokia Communicator 9300/9500 and SonyEricsson P800/P910i-support].

Sendandsee's decision to split its mobiprint product is based on the developments within the "next-generation mobile services"-market. mobiprint publisher focuses solely on the needs of content and rights owners and publishers that want to enter the mobile services market with mobile versions of their existing media assets. Mobile magazines published with mobiprint publisher can be viewed with almost all Java and Symbian-handsets. The magazines are also technically BREW-handset compatible but have not yet been put through the entire TRUE BREW test process.

The "Mobile Group Blogging"-module includes a new functionality set that is designed to enable users of camera-equipped handsets to take images from where they are and directly upload them to an image gallery that can be viewed by other users simultaneously. Another new feature in the complete mobiprint-product line is the automated conversion of content created in Adobe Acrobat-format for mobile handsets, which is expected to accelerate the implementation of mobiprint into existing content creation and production processes.