SearchInform Technologies Inc. Introduces New Version

Dec 29, 2006

SearchInform Technologies Inc. has introduced a new version of SearchInform, a program of full text search and search for documents similar in their content, featuring enhanced indexing and information search algorithms as well as a new request caching system, influencing the work of the system as a whole and its speed.

SearchInform 3.0 boasts improved results because of its new request caching system, developed by the SearchInform Technologies technical specialists. The number of unique queries generated by the users comes up to around 20% of all queries so the SearchInform 3.0 search uses query caching has to fully process only one fifth of all queries. All other queries have ready results available in cache.

SearchInform 3.0 features include: Phrase search with due consideration to stemming and thesaurus; new SoftInform to search for similar documents; high indexing speed (from 15 to 30 GB/hour); index size of 15-25% from the actual size of the text data; query caching system; support for over 60 most popular text formats, Outlook & TheBat electronic messages, MP3 & AVI tags, and logs of MSN and ICQ instant messaging programs.