SealedMedia Releases New Version of Enterprise DRM

Apr 14, 2006

SealedMedia Inc. has launched Version 5.0 of its flagship enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) platform.

SealedMedia 5.0 features a Standard Administrative Model and a Web-based Management Console. Key SealedMedia 5.0 features include: Corporate Compliance Enforcement, the software's Standard Administrative Model provides a hierarchical system that manages rules and enforces auditable segregation of duties. For instance, SealedMedia 5.0 can ensure that financial managers can't access HR records, and vice versa; Enterprise-wide Administration, SealedMedia 5.0 supports enterprise-wide administration of policies, designed to ensure that SealedMedia 5.0 scales in global environments, and doesn't suffer from default restrictions that plague rival E-DRM deployments; and Ease of Implementation, beta testers deployed and configured SealedMedia 5.0 on a departmental level in less than an hour, while previous releases required a day or more.