Scopus Adds Features to Database

Sep 29, 2006

Scopus, an abstract and citation database of research information and web sources, has launched two new features. PatentCites allows users to track how primary research is practically applied in patents. WebCites is designed to enable Scopus users to track the influence of peer-reviewed research on web literature.

Scopus PatentCites identifies citations from patent sources that cite Scopus articles on the Abstract and References page. Just like article citation counts, PatentCites links directly to the source items. This feature enables users to see the relationship of primary research to its practical application in patents. Among the patent sources covered and updated daily are the US Patent Office, European Patent Office, and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

In the forthcoming release of WebCites, users will be able to view citations to articles in Scopus from scientific web sources such as Institutional Repositories and Thesis and Dissertation databases. Users can gain additional insights into specific articles and place article citation numbers from outside the peer-reviewed realm into perspective. Like PatentCites, WebCites will be presented in a separate display allowing the user to link directly to the source items.