ScholarOne Launches Web Services

Mar 03, 2006

ScholarOne, Inc., a provider of Web-based workflow and management solutions for scholarly publishers, has announced Web services for Manuscript Central version 3.4.

Manuscript Central version 3.4 includes a Web services interface, a secure mechanism for exchanging data with external systems that also support Web services. Integration is supported through a straightforward set of SOAP messages. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocols) is an extensible, XML-based protocols designed to let applications exchange information over HTTP and is independent of platform and programming language. The first application of this functionality is 2-way communication between the Manuscript Central system and customers' production systems. By facilitating the exchange of manuscript and user information between the journal's production system and the Manuscript Central site, manuscript status can be securely transferred from the journal's production system to the Manuscript Central site, where it can be viewed by editorial office staff and authors.

Manuscript Central Web sites will continue to provide the ability to export author-supplied original and supplementary files, to review and to ready proofs for the Web, and to send manuscript metadata via email or FTP to the journal-specified recipient or FTP site. Manuscript metadata may be exported as XML, mapped to document type definitions (DTD), HTML, or in a CSV (comma separated value) file. All exports can be sent automatically based on batch-mode settings or on a manuscript-by-manuscript basis.