Safari Books Online Launches German Library

Apr 14, 2009

Safari Books Online announced that it has expanded into German-speaking markets by launching the Safari Books Online German Basic Tech Library. The German Basic Tech Library currently offers over 200 titles for corporate teams with German-speaking developers and IT professionals and will grow by several hundred additional titles by the end of 2009. The German books featured in the library are published by the top technical publishers in Germany. These include Markt+Technik Verlag, Addison-Wesley Verlag, O’Reilly Verlag, dpunkt Verlag, and Wiley-VHC Verlag. The content from all publishers but Wiley-VHC Verlag is exclusively available in subscription form through Safari Books Online. The books included in the German Basic Tech Library have been written by leading German-speaking subject matter experts and in many cases address the specific needs of European technologists. In addition, subscribers to this library can access thousands of English-language books and videos.