STM Publishers Rally Behind EBL

Mar 16, 2004

Six Science, Technology & Medical (STM) publishers have announced that they are participating in the launch of eBooks Corporation's new library service, EBL. Cambridge University Press, Kluwer, Oxford University Press, Springer, Taylor & Francis, and World Scientific will all provide titles for EBL. At launch in June 2004 EBL is expected to carry titles across all disciplines, including a deep and up to date range of STM ebooks.

Aimed at academic and research libraries, the EBL model features enhanced functionality including multiple concurrent access, online and offline access, read aloud, chapters for reserve circulation, short term circulation, and document delivery solutions. eBooks Corporation embarked on the eBook Library project at the promptings of library

customers, including Curtin University and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Working closely with CERN, Curtin , North Carolina State University and Yale, the EBL model was developed and presented to international STM publishers for review and evaluation.

eBooks Corporation is a provider of digital books that has distribution agreements with publishers in the US, UK, and Australia. The company has relationships with Adobe, Microsoft, Palm, and other stakeholders in the ebook industry. eBooks Corporation hosts, and distributed eBooks through its retail site and wholesale channels.

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