SAVVIS Introduces WAM!NET Content Submission Portal

Mar 11, 2005


SAVVIS Communications has announced the availability of the WAM!NET Content Submission Portal. This new service is intended to offer companies that receive large volumes of digital media a simple, efficient, and secure way to receive content through a single, customer-branded, Web-based submission portal. WAM!NET, a division of SAVVIS, is a provider of shared services for content management, archiving and delivery, and enterprise networking. WAM!NET services are designed to enable customers to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, increase productivity, and protect and preserve valuable content.

The Content Submission Portal enables publishers, marketing departments, ad agencies, printers, and media companies to realize new workflow efficiencies through controlled content submission. Partners, vendors, freelancers, and clients can submit and verify delivery of digital content using this on-line portal. The Content Submission Portal automates and simplifies the submission process and eliminates the inefficiencies of receiving content from multiple sources such as CD, email, and ftp. Content coming through the portal can be directed to one or more locations based on pre-configured settings such as authentication, user type, destination, job ticket, and upload method. Customers can integrate the Content Submission Portal into their existing networks. The service is supported by WAM!NET's centralized service administration for instantaneous updates and control.