RocketLife Introduces “RocketLife Instant Experience”

Feb 27, 2009

 RocketLife LLC announced that it will be introducing "RocketLife Instant Experience" at the Photo Marketing Association Show (PMA). Rocket Life Instant Experience provides a branded website or kiosk environment with ready-to-buy photo products containing imagery of a company or event just attended. RocketLife Instant Experience enables designers and resellers to create customized variations to existing RocketLife themes that target and appeal to specific companies, events, venues, and other interests. Branding, logos, custom graphic elements, and stock photos are included into a real-time 3D digital merchandising preview. The RocketLife Creation System technology generates the chosen theme and automatically adapts any products into the theme. RocketLife Instant Experience allows the customer to select and move elements on the screen. With RocketLife’s 3D Digital Merchandising and Smart Arrangement Technologies, the customer’s own or stock library photos are viewed as they are dragged and arranged onto the product.