Return Path Launches AI-Powered Solution to Address Inbox Placement and Subscriber Engagement

Nov 01, 2018

Global data solutions provider Return Path announced a groundbreaking new addition to its robust suite of email deliverability and optimization product offerings. Leveraging Return Path’s advanced analytics capabilities, Dynamic Optimization utilizes the individual client’s ESP data to provide customized sending recommendations designed to solve specific email marketing problems like low inbox placement and subscriber list fatigue.

Powered by EmailDNA, Dynamic Optimization goes beyond best practice recommendations to provide truly customized solutions that can be integrated directly into the marketer’s workflow. Not only that, the solution actually learns over time, becoming smarter as new data is fed into the model.

Two unique and integrated tools are included in the Dynamic Optimization solution:

Sending Priority: Major mailbox providers like Gmail and Microsoft rely heavily on real-time engagement data as part of their filtering algorithms, which can make inbox placement more difficult. To solve this problem, Return Path’s Sending Priority solution applies advanced analytics to a client’s data in order to classify each individual subscriber based on engagement. These results generate unique, specific, and customized recommendations on exactly how to prioritize email sends for each group within a given campaign. Sending to the most engaged subscribers first gives spam filters time to react, and the positive engagement from this initial send leads to improved inbox placement for the campaign’s remaining segments.

Engagement Assurance: Sending too much marketing email can drive subscribers to disengage, leading to elevated unsubscribe rates and decreasing the lifetime value of a subscriber list. Return Path’s new Engagement Assurance solution identifies fatigued subscribers who should be temporarily suppressed from further email sends, in order to prevent negative engagement and unsubscribes. These recommendations also determine when suppressed subscribers should be added back to the active mailing list. The result: decreased list churn, improved subscriber engagement, and increased lifetime value of subscribers.

The recommendations generated by Sending Priority and Engagement Assurance are constantly updated, providing truly dynamic solutions. In addition, these recommendations will actually improve over time as the advanced analytics model “learn” with the addition of new data.