Reflect Systems Announces ReflectView

Feb 24, 2004

Reflect Systems has announced ReflectView, a retail-centric module for the ReflectNet Enterprise Broadcast Network. ReflectView is designed for companies that want to broadcast high-quality video content to displays in retail outlets, theaters, lobbies, and public meeting areas. ReflectView allows users to convert existing content such as DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, MPEG 1/2, and compressed media into files that can be centrally loaded into dynamic play-lists and distributed for display. As part of the ReflectNet Enterprise Broadcast Networks software suite, ReflectView uses the capabilities within a company's existing network infrastructure for distributed serving, reporting, WAN management, and centralized content control and security.

Customers simply add the ReflectView player module to any ReflectEdge device to convert it for use with standard display systems. Marketing, corporate communications, and PR managers or agencies can centrally upload video clips, trailers, and advertisements to ReflectView and pick the location or zones where files will be played. Once the location is determined, file play-lists are created that can loop in a given order or play at specific times. The files can be played out on specific displays that can reside in as many as sixteen different zones, depending on the size of the installation.

Reflect Systems, Inc. was incorporated in September 2001 to provide enterprises with the software necessary to create, manage, and distribute bandwidth-intensive content, such as streaming media and large files. The ReflectNet Suite provides for an integrated, software-based approach to enterprise content creation, management, and delivery and ReflectWeb provides dynamic, internet-facing webcasting and communications solutions.  

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