Redline Networks and DataPower Partner

Nov 07, 2003

Redline Networks and DataPower Technology have partnered to market their products as a single solution intended to allow Web-enabled enterprise data centers to provide faster, more secure, and more efficient Web services. The objective of the partnership is to create a solution to address two major data center trends: the move toward Web-enabling enterprise applications by converting them to HTTP (Hyper Text Transport Protocol) for greater accessibility and flexibility, and the use of XML.

DataPower and Redline recently completed interoperability testing on their respective products and have inked a co-marketing agreement that includes joint promotional activities, bundle discounts and cross-selling programs. The combined Redline-DataPower solution will target two types of environments, often found within the same enterprise: the New Data Center environment, where the goal is to improve the speed, security, and user accessibility of internal Web-enabled business-critical applications; and the external XML Web services environment, typically using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), where the major concerns are ensuring security against outsider attacks, providing access control, and improving the end-user experience.

Both DataPower's and Redline's products are purpose-built network devices that work by offloading processor-intensive tasks from general-purpose servers using high-speed processing technologies. Redline's E|X and T|X appliances handle data compression, load balancing, SSL processing, and content processing of HTTP traffic; DataPower's XA35 and XS40 devices perform message-level SOAP security, Web services access control, XML routing, and wire-speed XML transformations.

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