RedSiren Introduces Online Learning Course; Announces InfoSecU Discount

Mar 19, 2004

RedSiren, a privately held provider of IT security management solutions, has announced the immediate availability of an online elearning course specifically designed to teach corporate employees how to avoid becoming victims of social engineering. Social engineering is defined as the practice of getting an end-user to willingly or unknowingly provide an unauthorized person with the information needed to access a computer network and information contained on it. Social engineering enables hackers to gain unfettered access to networks by impersonating corporate employees, contractors, or partners.

RedSiren's new elearning course, available through its Information Security University (InfoSecU), expands its information security library to 30 courses. The social engineering course includes terminology, concepts, interactive case studies, and tests to mark completion and measure comprehension. It fulfills recommendations and citations across several security standards, industry guidelines and regulations, and civil privacy laws to properly equip users with the guidance they need to avoid security incidents. The new course, number 114 in the InfoSecU catalog, is available immediately for use in both Intranet-based and hosted environments. Customers with current enterprise license maintenance contracts receive the course as a part of their first-quarter update, being delivered this month.

RedSiren has also introduced a limited promotion, enabling companies to license a range of InfoSecU courses at a discount. The new bundle, the RedSiren Employee Awareness Program (REAP), contains three courses for implementing a corporate-wide worker awareness program. The courses are: Information Security Essentials (Basic information security terminology and concepts; Passwords, creation and storage; Data back-ups; Physical security: workplace, laptops and documentation); Information Privacy (The importance of privacy; Fair Information Practices (FIPs); International privacy regulations; How to protect personal information); Social Engineering (Conventional methods attackers use; Common methods of attack that use deception; Common signs of an attack and the appropriate response).

Each course is segmented into distinct elements, including lessons, text, graphics, animation, and exams. Companies seeking to develop custom courseware can assemble specific elements within a lesson or course to incorporate company specific policy or guidelines. Likewise, elements can be reassembled to build new courses. RedSiren's Employee Awareness Program is being offered on an enterprise-wide, perpetual license for an introductory rate of $20,000, through the end of March. The courses may be customized to include the company's logo and color scheme. RedSiren also said that organizations that add 12 or more InfoSecU courses to their internal Learning Management System will receive a 30% discount for orders placed in March.