Recommind Launches MindServer Expertise

Nov 07, 2006

Recommind, an enterprise search and categorization company, has announced MindServer Expertise, an application for its MindServer 4.2 enterprise information access platform. MindServer Expertise is a directory search tool that combines standard directory content with individual work product, providing real-time access to the knowledge of an organization. The application gives consulting and professional services organizations the ability to identify individuals within the firm who have expertise or specialized knowledge, so that they can immediately find and collaborate with those individuals on project work.

MindServer Expertise is designed to enable users to contact colleagues with relevant experience for specific areas of interest. Expertise is determined by the work that has been produced, and is therefore always current. Using a centralized search application, the consultant or project manager can view profiles of people relevant to their search terms, as well as links to documents and projects related to that person and the search concept. To pinpoint the best resource, searches can be refined through smart filtering fields, such as client, industry, or office, and firms can cross-reference relevant documents, projects, and experts related to a similar topic. As documents change and new information is added, MindServer Expertise automatically updates data.