RealNetworks and Media Companies Launch Streaming Content to Mobile Devices

May 06, 2003

RealNetworks, Inc. has announced that consumers can now access brand-name audio and video programming from their mobile phone. Offering news, sports, and entertainment content, the RealOne Mobile Media Guide enables consumers to enjoy streaming media when and where they want. Content available through the RealOne Mobile Media Guide includes programming from Capitol Records, CNET Radio Direct,, iFilm, NPR, PGA TOUR, Sporting News Radio,, and Virgin Records. The RealOne Mobile Media Guide is available on Nokia's 3650 and Pocket PC devices. Devices from Siemens and Samsung supporting the RealOne Mobile Media Guide will be offered in the US later this year. Consumers with a Nokia 3650, available from AT&T Wireless, Cingular, and T-Mobile, can access the guide by adding a bookmark for the guides to their phones. RealNetworks has also announced RealOne Mobile On-ramp--a program that enables content providers to deliver programming to consumers via their mobile phones and PDAs. Through RealOne Mobile On-ramp, content providers can extend their reach as well as tap into new revenue from subscription-based services. Content providers can encode their content in bitrates available over 2.5G mobile networks. Content available through the RealOne Mobile Media Guide includes: News--Hourly updates from NPR; broadcasts of CNET Radio Direct's twice daily tech update hosted by Brian Cooley. Sports--Fox Wire sports update and Best Damn Sports Show "Things You Wouldn't Say" excerpts; Video tournament highlights from PGA TOUR. Entertainment--Short films from; Movie trailers and short films from iFilm; Music videos from Capitol and Virgin Records.

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