Rdio Introduces Streaming Site Vdio

Apr 04, 2013

Rdio, a music streaming, sharing, and discovery site, is previewing its next venture: Vdio, a new way to buy, rent, and share and TV shows with your friends, in real-time. Rdio Unlimited subscribers can get a special preview of Vdio. Read all about it on the Rdio Blog.

Vdio is designed to solve the "what to watch" problem -- geared to get you from searching to watching faster. The company is introducing the notion of "Sets" ­-- playlists for TV shows and movies -- so anyone can make and share lists of their favorites. You can also just check out what your friends are watching in the moment and jump in.

Right now, you can watch everything from Skyfall and Lincoln to The Walking Dead amd Downton Abbey. At the moment, Vdio is only available to Rdio Unlimited subscribers in the US and UK.

(rdio.com, vdio.com)