RNK Introduces SubjectTalk

Mar 07, 2006

RNK Telecom, a global telecommunications and high-tech services provider, has announced its new calling service, SubjectTalk. SubjectTalk is an offering that will connect two individual callers interested in discussing a particular subject.

SubjectTalk, a service developed with Alexander Graham Bell's original intent for the telephone in mind, provides individuals with a platform to connect to other people nationwide who share similar interests. Through the SubjectTalk Web site, users will be able to browse subjects, recommend new subjects, and schedule appointments to talk about a particular subject(s). RNK's new service enables callers to disconnect from a person with whom he or she is talking at their convenience, and connect to the next available caller. Or, if a caller does not want to be connected to a specific person on a particular subject again, they can "deep 6" that caller. SubjectTalk connects callers anonymously to protect their privacy; no telephone number information is transmitted, and callers are advised (both through the Web site and through telephone prompts) not to provide any personal information while engaged in a conversation.

RNK is also developing a version of SubjectTalk to be licensed for enterprise use, which will offer various forms of communication for online media, universities, Internet service providers, such as Google and Yahoo, and hospitals. RNK will offer the functionality of SubjectTalk, along with customization of the service by RNK's in-house development and design teams, to meet specific corporate needs and interests.

(www.rnktel.com; www.subjecttalk.com)