RIM Preloads NewspaperDirect PressReader App on PlayBook

Nov 11, 2011

NewspaperDirect's PressReader application will come preinstalled on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, the company announced. A PressReader app for the PlayBook is already available on BlackBerry App World, but the agreement gives users immediate access to the more than 2,000 news publications available through the app. PressReader displays newspapers as digital replicas of print editions, and users can swipe to turn pages, zoom-in to read text, or choose to read in a text view.

BlackBerry PlayBook customers will also be able to share articles over Facebook and Twitter, and will receive a PressDisplay.com subscription that is integrated with the PressReader app. At this time, it is unclear whether RIM will roll out PressReader to existing PlayBook owners with a future software update, or if the preloaded app will only be featured on new devices sold.