Quickoffice Unveils Editable Office Application for iPhone

Jan 06, 2009


Quickoffice, Inc., a provider of mobile office productivity software, announced the release of MobileFiles Pro, the first application to include editable Office functionality for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The latest upgrade brings editing and saving of Microsoft Office Excel files in the .xls format, Wi-Fi file transfer to and from a desktop (Mac and PC), and the ability to access and synchronize with Apple MobileMe accounts. MobileFiles Pro has.xls editing features including support for over 125 functions and format options ranging from font style and cell color choice to inserting and resizing rows and columns. Users can switch between sheets in a workbook, revise inputs, and recalculate and undo/redo changes. MobileFiles Pro features enhanced desktop file access and transfer functionality combined with MobileMe iDisk account access to transfer and store files to and from their iPhone. Using the new Wi-Fi feature, users can transfer files directly from any desktop to an iPhone or from an iPhone to the desktop. MobileFiles Pro also provides remote access to MobileMe iDisk files, synchronizes changes and uploads new files to iDisk, and provides local passcode protection of the entire application.