Quasar Launches GETREADY V.3.0

Dec 20, 2005


Quasar Technologies, a global technology provider, has unveiled the latest version of its Web-enabled, services-oriented publishing production management platform, GETREADY 3.0.

GETREADY Release 3.0 incorporates a variety of new features to extend its flexibility as a collaborative environment to external users (e.g. freelancers, creative agencies, etc). All object types can be managed from anywhere and different user types associated to specific objects can be combined. GETREADY automatically changes the object status based on the user type. Authorized users can upload their own assets into the system, bypassing the normal administrator-controlled input channels if required. GETREADY 3.0 also allows publishers to manage external users by expediting predefined business processes to these users. Articles or content can be automatically assigned to these external users from the GETREADY workflow interface, and their finished work can be submitted into the workflow, prompting events exactly the same as if they were a full system user. The system automatically changes workflow and content statuses and sends confirmation emails and SMS messages allowing users to be notified and kept current at all times no matter where they are.

GETREADY 3.0 offers Boolean logic and text-abbreviation enhancements to its search engine, which already includes such capabilities as visual image search and multi-lingual phonetic search. Metadata and digital asset management have Boolean logic search facilities that enable users to combine criteria and substitute text abbreviations. Users can also search for content based on any type of workflow criteria--such as status, workflow date completions and date ranges, and by user. GETREADY searches contents of: Word, Excel, txt, rtf, and xml files as well as articles and metadata. GETREADY 3.0 offers a new feature for extracting previously published content into new formats--and re-publishing it in minutes. Particularly useful for book or large document publishing this new functionality enables content to be extracted from a variety of sources and automatically compiled into a prescribed format. All content is dragged and dropped into the layout with the ability to rearrange sections or chapters at any time. Users can automatically re-size margins, and create a PDF of the layout design flatplan, sending it to a printer to ensure that the right version is going to press. A virtual version of the publication can also be posted online for viewing, flip pages, browse layout and design, headlines and graphics.