Quark Announces Enhancements to QuarkXPress

Sep 13, 2005

Quark Inc. has announced enhancements in QuarkXPress 7, the next version of its publishing software. These new features include: composition zones, which allow page layout artists, editors, and other creative professionals to work on the same page simultaneously and view each other's changes automatically; Job Jackets, which allow workgroups to share specifications across workstations; and a Synchronization palette allows teams to maintain consistent design through the synchronization of text, pictures, and item attributes.

With QuarkXPress 7, team members can make changes to the same QuarkXPress page at the same time. QuarkXPress 7 composition zones are ideal for a fast-paced environment where people need to work on various aspects of a page or layout simultaneously. The Job Jackets feature takes a step beyond preflighting--designed to ensure that a print job adheres to its specifications from the moment it is created, and that it continues to adhere to those specifications all the way through until it rolls off of the press. Job Jackets are based on the open Job Definition Format (JDF) standard, which provides a standard format for storing information about print jobs and facilitating the automation of print-related processes. JDF files can include information about scanning, printing, binding, cutting, and even distribution, and can initiate processes in JDF-enabled automated systems via Job Messaging Format (JMF). The Synchronization palette will accept any type of item, including picture boxes, text boxes, lines, and text paths. When items are added to the Synchronization palette, users can specify what is synchronized--item attributes, content attributes, or content only. Changes to one synchronized item will reflect in all instances of that synchronized item, including on master pages.

Additional features are intended to allow for: accurate color; a flexible design; QuarkVista, which allows users to correct images with adjustments to brightness/contrast, color balance, and hue/saturation, and create special effects with filters such as Gaussian blur, unsharp mask, and emboss; access to special characters through Unicode support, OpenType support, and interface improvements; a new window on your work, designed to allow users to see how detailed changes affect an entire page, layout, or project by splitting the QuarkXPress window into two or more panes or opening any number of new windows for a project; and better tables.

In other news, Quark has adopted a new Quark green logo ("Q"), designed by SicolaMartin, a division of Young & Rubicam Brands.